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A Center for Community

With a long history of serving the Saint Louis Park community through neighborhood needed goods and services, the iconic Texa-Tonka Shopping Center, through new ownership, management and leasing, will return to the relevant and innovative place it once held in the community. This re-imagining and re-development of the existing shopping center brings a clean and modern look and feel while honoring its original heritage.  


 Come as You Are

In 1951, Texa-Tonka Shopping Center was built and it revolutionized convenience shopping for consumers by bringing together a collection of local merchants and retailers dedicated to fulfilling the daily needs of the new post World War II suburban consumer in a convenient neighborhood setting. 


Today, Texa-Tonka is ready to return to its roots in both function and form and re-create itself as a destination that satisfies the desires, wants, aspirations, and daily needs of the modern day consumer. The re-creation of Texa-Tonka is a rare opportunity to reach unfulfilled market demand in Saint Louis Park and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Across the Unites States, locally-owned and operated retail is having a revival, and the consumer’s desire is shifting to shop locally-owned and operated retail. Originally Texa-Tonka was built to offer “modern stores suited to the convenience of the customer who can come and go as he or she is.”  

70 years later, Texa-Tonka’s mission remains the same and Texa-Tonka’s surrounding neighborhoods are poised to benefit from Texa-Tonka returning to its original heritage. The revitalization of Texa-Tonka goes beyond what a shopping center can offer, and will enhance the unique vibe of Saint Louis Park and its neighborhoods by focusing on a customized, localized and unique approach to both its redesign and tenant mix. In doing so, Texa-Tonka will serve as the community’s “neighborhood gathering spot.” In addition to a major façade renovation highlighting the mid-century modern architecture of Texa-Tonka’s past, new public amenity spaces have been created to promote community gatherings, events, outdoor seating and outdoor dining.

Reinventing Community

This historic, modern renovation has kicked off a renaissance of Texa-Tonka as a modern community of locally-owned neighborhood retail stores and businesses to serve the Saint Louis Park community and beyond. Join the Texa-Tonka community and help re-define what community means with other locally-owned and operated retailers to shape and create the new Texa-Tonka shopping center. 


Following a historic restoration returning Texa-Tonka to its mid-century modern glory days as the bustling Saint Louis Park community center it once was, Texa-Tonka is a can’t-pass-up opportunity. Seizing the chance to secure space at Texa-Tonka will ensure that businesses are part of the larger trend spreading across the Twin Cities and beyond—the return to small, local, relevant retail centers that cultivate culture, community and repeat customers.

  • Exterior upgrades, including façade renovation highlighting mid-century elements

  • Newly created public plaza for community events and gatherings

  • New patio seating and dining

  • New pylon signage

  • Reconfigured parking lot maximizing spaces and easing interior vehicular flow

  • New green space, landscaping and exterior lighting throughout the property

  • Tenant signage upgrades with consistency and prominence highlighting mid century modern design


A Sense of Place

Texa-Tonka is located at Texas Avenue South and Minnetonka Boulevard, a heavily trafficked direct East-West connection from Minneapolis to the affluent western suburbs. As a dense, first ring suburb immediately west of downtown Minneapolis, Saint Louis Park is a significant pathway of travel to and from the west metro. Commuters from well-established neighborhood pockets like the cities of Hopkins, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Edina and parts of Golden Valley are a captive commuter and consumer audience. The surrounding area also offers strong schools, walkability, bikeablility and easy accessiblity by public transit.  

Local events held in Saint Louis Park elevate the family experience of the city as a community-centric suburban-metro hub, appealing to those looking for a community lifestyle in a suburban setting, without sacrificing urban connections.



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